Self defense products for women

Due to the rampant abuse experienced by several women, it necessary to introduce them with self defense products that will be used to protect themselves against those lawless brats. Especially those women who work late at night. They are prawn with such abuses. It is reported that more than 30 percent of women who work late hours has been attacked and some of them has been abused and victims of lawlessness. But those women who knows how to defend themselves and those uses self defense products are the women that were able to free and escape themselves from the attackers. To help choose the best self defense products for women, we introduce them the list below.

Self Defense Keychain Kubotan
The product is exactly as it says. It is however a little larger than I anticipated, but no complaints. It's an efficient self defense mechanism, but I think a lot of people feel they can just pick it up and be ready for action. This, in my humble experience, is not the case. Everything requires practice. But this is a great tool to facilitate that practice and give confidence to those who are looking for it.

This is a guide on Defense Decisions for Women
This book will give you truely invaluable information about how to protect oneself as a woman. The good author is a karate black belt, so she will also point out about how to fight, which anatomical weapons to use, where to target, and so on. But probably among the most important insights she provided are psychological ones. If you have read the famous books "The Gift of Fear" and "Warrior Mindset", you will understand how the mind is the most important weapon in fighting and in defending yourself. This kind of book that addresses psychological issues is rare but necessary. You'll find tons of books on fighting subjects. But they can only prepare you in body not really in mind. Real fighting is gruesome and it has much more elements than that. Moreover, fighting doesn't start when one is only in physically close quater combat, or the term "force level four" the author of this book used. Fighting, however, does start several steps beforehand. The author put the very good job of showing women how to be aware of it, how to avoid the danger, how to fend for yourself, and how to prepare yourself effectively. The book is very wel written. Also the author did write with humour. Don't surprise to find yourself smile or laugh while reading the book. Thumps up for the good work!

This is for women great defense products
I was very skeptical while researching the Torpedo because it just looks like a metal pole with two sharpened ends, but let me say first and foremost that this thing can really fly. I guess you could throw it like a throwing knife, but I throw it like a spear. The holes it leaves in things look like bullet holes. The 5150 steel is definitely the correct steel for this product and what it is intended for because of the high-carbon resiliency. The tips stay sharp even after taking a beating, and wouldn't be a problem to sharpen. I'm afraid about the rusting/corrosion factor of the steel, though. This thing would be wasted and lose its comfortable throwing grip if it started to rust. The black matte finish does come off rather easily, but that doesn't affect performance. I would only worry about the black matte finish if you'll be tossing it around in the rain, because it probably protects the steel from moisture, at least a little bit. All in all, this is a very solid product, I'm very happy with the performance, and it's decently priced. I'd say go for it if you want some fun.

One of the best Self Defense products for women
I've been trying to get my wife to carry; pepper spray, tazers, knives, etc... and she never does because she would rather look cute than walk around prepared so i bought her the cute little kitty key chain and she loves it! she even slips it under her MP3 arm band when she goes for a jog.

Women Self Defense Spray
The product is definitely small enough to conceal or even place on your keychain.
I bought two of these items, one for my daughter and the other for myself.
It's one those items that you hope you never need to use it but thankful you have it
if you do! Honestly I have not tried the product because I do not want to waste
the content. I will though because I want to make sure it works( I only gave it 4 stars,
since I have not tried it yet). Only disappointment is the cost, after I purchase these,
I was told that you can purchase the exact item alot cheaper @ the hardware store
for $3.95, then again this (Amazon) saves you the hassle of going there.....
Seller delivered on time.

Tornado Defense System - the best self defense for women
I have three lovely daughters, an elderly mother and a sister who works the night shift at a hospital. All of them have long distances to walk to get to their cars and it is often in the dark with few people around. I feel so much better knowing they have a way to signal someone if they are in trouble. Great product and super fast shipment.

Another most enhanced and most improved self defense products for women
I bought one of these for myself and one for my sissy. I have pretty big hands and as mentioned by others this thing prolly won't load a fist (might for some girls though). Even still, the product's grooves are effective for a steady grip and the little point at the end hurts. If I ever felt like stealing a purse and the girl gave me even one good slam on the ribs or face with this I'd prolly go home and think about the choices I've made in life

Rape Emergency Personal Alarm for Women
I received this product on a timely fashion and in good condition. At first I couldn't figure out how to sound the alarm but discovered you have to pull the keyring chain out of the device. It scared my dogs.

By using the self defense products listed above, the government are confident that attacks and abuses to women will be greatly minimized.

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