Nivea products for women

Nivea is one of the leading companies that made skin care and beautification products for women. They provide a variety of products for skin, face, on other parts of the body. The sole purpose of these products is to make women beautiful and younger looking. Here we listed all the most popular and commonly used nivea products for women.

Nivea Body Daily Lotion
I have very but very dry skin, since I was a little kid. It eihert didn't help moving from the Caribbean to upstate NY. I have try all the ones at the pharmacy, even those of the specialized "body shops". and I keep coming back to this lotion. My skin looks firmer, moisturized, and healthy. It last throughout the day. Is very thick yet it absorbs quickly. After two years using, I got fed up with all the different facial moisturizer I was using. So I decided to use it for my face. Guess what? My face looks like when I was 22 years old. Good bye dryness, dullness, flakyness, the fine wrinkles around my nose and eyes. I look good, I don't look like a crack-smoking zombie. I look young, refreshed, and healthy. Ple the makeup can be applied on top of it, and it looks really good. And I'm surprised that I haven't break out. I can't believe I spent 40 dollars for a facial moisturizer, and this cream was better than the expensive one. Give it a try!

Excellent service and price. I used to have to wait for a family member to go to Germany and stock up, and it started to become a hassle. The product was well packaged, price is great for this authentic German Nivea whose formulation & results are far better to the version produced for Nivea in the US. There is no comparison between the two creams, I will be a customer for life now that I have an affordable reliable source!

Nivea Body Lotion for Dry Skin
This product is silky smooth and lasts for a long time. The perfume is a bit overwhelming when you first apply the product, but it wears off after about half an hour or so. This lotion is great for dry skin and leaves the skin moist, fresh, and smooth all day.

Nivea Cellulite Serum
I ordered the Nivea Good Bye Cellulite Serum about 10 days ago and bottom line is IT REALLY WORKS! I had this whole long speech but who has time for all that? I apply it once a night after a shower and use a sort of deep tissue massage kind of thing with small circular motions first up and down my thighs then I finish off with long sweeping motions all the way up my leg and down to my knee. I'm not sure if that makes a difference but that's what works for me. I would say my skin is 90% smoother than before and I judged my case as severe! I decided to submit a review, which I never do by the way, while here ordering my next bottle. I think I might just order a few because it's that good! I hope your results are as good as mine. Good luck!

Nivea Creme
I was introduced to this stuff while I was in the Netherlands this February 2011. It was on sale and I bought several large tins and brought them back with me to the states. I started using it and shortly after I went to Puerto Rico in March 2011 and caught an amazing deep, dark, healthy tan. It has been nearly three weeks since I have arrived back home to NYC and I still have a pretty good tan thanks to Nivea Creme. I used it every day, religiously, and find that my skin feels so much better and looks healthier. It is really thick and like the other reviews say all you need to do is spread a little on your palms before using it on your body. Trust me, you will be amazed! I will continue to use this product and will stock up on it when I travel to Europe.

Nivea Gel-Cream Products
I LOVE this lotion!! I've been using it for about a month, and I have noticed that it really does work. The skin around my belly, hips, and thighs seems to be tighter. Just to let people know, it is NOT a cellulite clearly says that it helps tighten your skin (it doesn't even have the world 'cellulite' in the title! HELLO!) But I really love it, I bought another bottle a few days ago. It makes my skin silky soft, and it smells great too.

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme products for women
I have used Nivea for a long long time and with very good results but always found it to be a bit too thick, difficult to spread. This one came along and I gave it a try: just what I was hoping for, wonderfully soft, absorbed quickly and so very easy to smooth out on the skin. It is light but yet very effective as a moisturizer, a winner!

Nivea Lip Care products for women
I have sensitive lips so that if I use a regular lip product, my lips start to itch and peel. The search is over, though! I found what works for me - and I must say, it is the best! "Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care" is just perfect! It works well with zero allergic reaction. It moisturizes generously with a long-lasting effect. It's almost fragrance-free, but there's a hint of something that smells good. I ran out of this Nivea lip balm before I could get a replacement. Since I couldn't find it at Target and needed one so badly, I settled for "Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm" and "Soft Lips Beeswax Lip Conditioner"; they are great products. However, they are not working for me; I'm back to having irritated lips. I am ordering a pack of this product today and will remain a loyal Nivea user!

Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer for women
I stopped using this lotion over 6 months ago, I wanted to try different lotions, and maybe try to save a couple dolllars, I am so happy to see it on amazon and be able to save, I was not sure if it helped with cellulite, but it does, now i see the difference, its also the only one that keeps my skin soft, I dont have to apply it everyday, and my skin feels soft, my legs and hips tend to get very dry in winter and itchy, this lotion keeps that from happening, I hope it never gets discontinued..I cant wait to get this in the mail!

Genuine Nivea Products as Anti Wrinkle for Women
Picked this up in Switzerland for 20 Franks when I ran out of moisturizing cream while traveling. WOW- I could tell the difference within 3 days of use; and I am not kidding. This is an amazing cream and it does what it promises. I don't understand why American markets don't carry it. Doesn't make sense given how consumed with looks most American consumers are. This stuff would fly off the shelves like hot cakes because it works! I will order this online when I run out. It is my new nightly ritual for beautiful skin. I am only 36 but a wrinkle prevented is good news so I will use this cream from now on sine it works so well.

Being beautiful and younger looking is the envy of all. It boost confidence. Women could achieve this by choosing the listed nivea products for women.

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