Best Skin Care Products for Women Over 40

Looking for the best skincare products? Well, some things never change! One that makes the list at any age is: women and their need to go all out for a younger and more radiant skin - especially when they get to their forties. And why not?

Ranella Hirsch, MD, President of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and a cosmetic dermatologist in Cambridge, MA, talks about the challenges women face for a glowing skin with every passing decade, "There are the newfound crow's feet in your 40s, the postmenopausal dryness in your 50s, and the sagging that sets in by your 60s. But the right products and procedures will prepare you to meet these challenges head-on. These days, it's perfectly reasonable to expect your skin to get better as you age--no matter what the date on your driver's license."

Before we talk about the best skincare products; let's discuss some important skincare aspects for women when they hit the big 4O!

Re-evalutate your skin type once you're in your forties! It's only then along with the wrinkles and fine lines, your complexion starts getting dull.

The forties is the time to start focusing on anti-aging skin care products. Most of them contain specialized ingredients which the skin needs desperately now.

Educate yourself all about skin care. Learn that the key to healthy skin lies with collagen which tends to age as you do.

Products that stimulate and boost collagen production are Vitamin A and its derivatives like retinol. Products with alpha-hydroxy also pumps up collagen and help diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

Some of the skincare products imbued with these ingredients, apt for the women in their forties are:

Remergent Advanced Retinol Therapy in one of the best Skin care Products for Women over 40

Many dermatologists suggest that forties is the perfect time for women to embrace retinoids. Retinoids are the non-prescription version of Vitamin A and contains the less harsh derivative of Vitamin A called retinol. Most over the counter skin care creams like the Remergent Advanced Retinol Therapy comes with 1% retinol. Use it every third night for at least a couple of weeks for a much smoother skin.

Exfoliance Creams are still best Skin care Products for Women over 40

Skin cells shed naturally! Exfoliation is a means to assist the removal of the cells from the surface. Perfect to reduce the signs of aging! And if the exfoliation cream comes with alpha-hydroxy; nothing can beat that! Try the Hydra intense Mask from Lancome, a gel that comes with botanical extract.

Best Kinerase Skin Care Products for Women over 40

Dr. Marilynn Syrett suggests women in their forties using Kinerrase Cream, an anti-aging moisturizing cream filled with the advantages of Kinetin., a plant based agent that helps the skin to retain moisture. The cream considerably reduces wrinkles and helps the skin to retain moisture.

Repairwear Intensive Night Skin Care Cream products for Women over 40

Night creams are perfect way to rejuvenate your skin. It penetrates deep, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The Repairwear Intensive Night Cream by Clinique works all night to help block and mend the look of lines and wrinkles. It rebuilds natural collagen and prepares the skin for the next day.

Acne Products Solution for Women over 40

The lethal pang of hormones never leaves us women! Many women who proudly boasted of a clear, flawless skin since puberty might be just in for s surprise! Many develop acne during their forties because of hormone fluctuations. Exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing are the best ways to loosen clogs and prevent bacterial infection.

Try out the Acne Clarifying Lotions brought to you by Clinique. Not only, "They logged pores, evicts acne-causing bacteria. The medicated ingredients rush in to accelerate treatment. Just cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize twice a day," it also comes with money back guarantee.

You're just in your forties, so despair not! Consult a dermatologist for the perfect skin care products solution for your skin type. Remember each individual is different and so is their skin type.


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