Best Skin Care Products for Women Over 50

Here are the best skin care tips, and basic products you need for women over 50.
The boomer generation in general have been excellent target groups of advertising and marketing of all kinds.

Women over 50 in particular have been one of the most profitable target market groups for the cosmetics industry. It is no wonder we receive many sales pitches on best skin care products, most of which are inaccurate and inconsistent, leaving us all the more confused on what products to choose. Most of us have become victims of skin care products and their broken promises of wrinkle free miracles and everlasting beauty. Some of us, at one time or another, have been lured into believing that a certain beauty product can give us that secret potion to a blemish-free, perfect wrinkle-free skin.

Is it really out there?

Or like the fountain of youth, is it just a myth and a fake promise so we will continue to pour money and support the billion dollar cosmetic industry.

Skin Cleanser is still one of the best skin care products for women over 50

One of the best skin care products is a water-soluble cleanser. This is your best choice. It does not have to be expensive. Research has shown that the basic ingredients of face cleansers are mostly the same. If your skin is dry, make sure there are no additional harsh ingredients that will dry your skin even more. Also, if your skin is already oily, it will make sense to avoid those oily products.

For that sensitive areas around your eyes, try not to use an eye makeup remover or wipe-off cleanser as this pulls the sensitive eye skin and makes it sag.

Women over 50 must have a good use of skin toner

A toner must be part of your skin care procedure. Use an irritant-free toner after cleaning your face. It does not have to be expensive. I prefer to use toner by Neutrogena. I think it is just as good or even better than those expensive toners by Orlane or La Prairie. Avoid those that contain alcohol or other irritants, regardless of the price.

Moisturizer is still one of the best skin care products for women over 50

Choose an oil-free, non-greasy product. It is not necessary to use different moisturizers during the day or night, unless your skin gets really dry, then you may want to use a more emollient moisturizer at night. Beware that overly emollient products will clog your pores. Also if the skin around your eyes are particularly dry, then you can use a different eye cream. Otherwise, just use one moisturizer for the whole face.

Sunscreen is best for women over 50

Sunscreen is a must skin care, especially for women over 50. Experts say that exposing yourself to direct sun for as little as 8 minutes per day will have a cumulative effect, and could possibly result in wrinkles, melanoma and worst skin cancer. During ordinary days, choose a product that contains at least an SPF 15. An SPF of 30 or higher during hot and sunny days. Your sunscreen may be incorporated in a moisturizer, foundation, or powder containing the necessary SPF.

Exfoliant products are always one of the best for skin care

This is a best skin care products. Use an exfoliating product at least once a week. AHA products, Glycolic Acid, even Baking soda is fine. Be aware that if you are using face hair-removing creams, these often have an exfoliating effect. Contrary to what most some products claim, exfoliating your skin will not produce new skin, and it will not remove wrinkles. What is does however, is make your skin smooth and cause the absorption of moisturizer, foundation and make-up really better.

Skin care formula must be simple for women over 50

Remember to keep your skin care regimen simple. Do not use too many products, or a combination of harsh products. Using too many irritating products at the same time, will cause skin irritations, allergies, acne, pimples, breakouts, dryness, uneven skin tone, and most probably, wrinkles.

Know When Your Skin Type Changes

If you think you only have one type of skin, think again. Normal skin changes from dry to oily to normal at different seasons, and for different reasons: stress, lack of sleep, or the type of products you are using. Experts state that our skin types fluctuate. As such, knowing what happens to our skin at different times is important to be able to adjust the type of skin care we need. This does not require that you get additional products. It only means being aware of when to use more of a particular product or not at all.

Acne is still present for some women over 50

If you think only younger women can get pimples and acne, think again. Women over 50 can get acne too. Some of us have very clear skin when we were younger, but are now experiencing acne. Use adisinfectant to take care of blemishes like hydrogen peroxide 3%, salicylic acid 2%, or benzoyl peroxide. Have no fear. If you follow a healthy skin regimen, you will be in control of your acne. Otherwise, do not hesitate to get the advise and treatment from a dermatologist.

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